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  • Ski helmet supplier
  • Helmet play an important role in many fields: military, construction, mining, and sports such as American football, cycling, baseball, skiing, skiing, ice hockey, horse racing, equestrian, sports, racing, motorcycles, etc..
    Today we introduce Ski helmet,The helmet has a shock resistant EPS inner shell and special, supporting, comfortable and elastic lining thermal insulation layer.
    The entire helmet is streamlined,It's light and does not affect the vision, make a sense of security to skier. 
    Generally it divided into half and full face helmet.Half is suitable for skills to wear, so it is easy to hear voices outside and have the function of heat dissipation.Full face helmetIs is suitable for the speed of the game.Ski helmet is often used for alpine skiing downhill and super-G, ski, aerials and other projects.
     Ski helmet
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