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  • Motorcycle Helmet Selection
  • In the motorcycle helmet selection, we need to pay attention to the following points:
    (1)The inside of the helmet must be equipped with impact resistant cushion, and the surface lining material which is consistent with the head is a thin mesh lining cloth. It should absorb sweat and absorb the grease of the head. In addition, the gasket should be equipped with a breather tank above 10MM in order to make the air flow inside the helmet.
    (2) Motorcycle helmet Belt should be soft, snap button and other hard surface protrusions shall not exceed 5MM.
    (3) The helmet should be light and comfortable, and the helmet weight should not exceed 2KG.
    (4) The helmet should not block, not sulk, clear vision, no shelter, rest not less than 105 degrees angle of view.
    (5) When wearing a helmet, you can clearly hear and distinguish the sound from all directions, and there should be no vibration and other noises in the course of driving.
    (6) Inside the helmet should have good ventilation and thermal insulation device, and dustproof, pest control, waterproof and so on.
    (7) Helmet should have good reflection and thermal radiation resistance, prominent eye-catching color.
    (8) Clear colorless lens helmet goggles, toughness is easily broken, to ensure that the driver's vision is not affected.
    (9) Glass fiber laminate is the best material for Motorcycle helmetl.
     Motorcycle Helmet
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