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  • Helmet lens maintenance
  • We often use liquid wax for cleaning and maintenance of various helmet lenses, including full face helmets and half face helmets.
    Helmet lens will inevitably have a small insect body, which is the most difficult to clean the part, I do not recommend that you direct hard pull, or use a rag dry wipe, you can use the liquid wax smear on it to soften, wait a minute or two , Then wipe with cotton cloth can be easily removed. In addition, cleaning the lens with liquid wax, the lens outer layer is not easy to produce water film when it rains. Currently there are some helmets on the market, cleaning products such as lens wipe packs, these cleaners can help remove dust, but after wiping the finish or paint, without any waxing effect.
    There is also a lens cleaning wipe, first with a wet wipe the lens, and then dry with a dry. But the piece of dry material is a bit rough, easy to scratch the helmet lenses.
     full face helmets
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