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  • Helmet selection
  • When you choose a helmet, you should pay attention to the following points。
    1. Weight of helmet. The first thing you should consider when choosing a helmet is the burden on your neck when wearing a helmet, and feel the weight when your body is in balance. The balance of the helmet is important because the nearer the center of gravity of the helmet is to the center of gravity, the less likely it is to fatigue. So, the important thing is not the weight of the helmet itself, but the balance of the helmet.
    2.Safety of helmets. When the helmet is strongly impacted, the soft foam spacer inside the helmet can make the impact free of the human head. Some of the damaged helmets almost had three or four traces of impact at the same place. As for the air permeability of the helmet, the ventilation device is not installed near the opening of the protective cover of the helmet itself, but is mounted on the protective body, mainly to expand the protective range of the helmet when it is hit.
    3.The appropriateness of helmets. Generally, they can be worn on any type of head. But we should pay attention to the air permeability and size of the helmet. When riding a helmet, you shouldn't feel the helmet tightening your neck and wrapping your head, causing poor breathing. At the same time, the size of the helmet should be chosen as much as possible, and the helmet will not move, and the helmet can be worn frequently without wearing too much helmet to protect the helmet.
    Azul company supply all kinds of helmet,include Full face helmet,safety helmet,Ski/skate helmet,Riding helmet,etc..If you need,please contact us now.
     Full face helmet

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