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  • How to maintain helmet goggles?
  • We all know helmet goggles are a transparent device, wipe carefully. Helmet cleaning goggles, with a neutral detergent into the water, hand scrub, and then rinse thoroughly with tap water, and then use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe the water. And finally rubbed on its outer surface with water wax or antistatic agent, which can reduce the adhesion of dust and speed up the flow of rain.
    Helmet goggles on the inside, should be coated with anti-fog agent, which on the evening to reduce the fog attached to an important role. When the rain is put down the goggles, pay attention to the breathing method to reduce the fog on the mirror.
    Helmet goggles maintenance is also very important, good maintenance, the use of time will be longer, the maintenance of the use of time, of course, less.
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