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  • Common Halley Motorcycle Helmet Product Overview
  • We usually see the harley motorcycle helmet is a kind of police equipment that protects the racing personnel against the head and the face by the injury or other potential damage in the game. Hare helmet shell according to the standard shell design helmet, and the use of PC alloy, with a light weight, high strength, beautiful appearance, smooth lines, mask lens light transmission is good, vision is open, comfortable, reliable, easy to wear, Anti-riot helmet is a police officer in the fight against terrorism and anti-violence in order to protect their own safety necessary protective equipment.
    harley motorcycle helmet
    Harley's helmet use:
    1. Users should use their own size according to their size, select the appropriate product specifications for use;
    2. first mask lens to the direction of the head to open, and then pull the fingers with both sides, to both sides of the open, so that the opening expansion;
    3. Will be tilted forward helmet, so that the head before the first wearing a helmet, and then pull down, so that the helmet completely wear;
    4. After the helmet is worn, move the helmet back and forth, so that the head is comfortable to wear, and then wear the adjustment to the appropriate position after the buckle plug, connect firmly. And then pull down the mask lens to make the mask waterproof rubber strip and the shell forehead close;
    5. Hare helmet to take off, will wear to unlock; that is, with your fingers and hold the buckle and pull, you can wear the opening to expand, and then take off from the front and back.
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